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Chapter 80, State Plates Project

Fifty American graphic designers were challenged by the Atlanta-based designer Jonathan Lawrence to “redesign each state’s license plate with an eye toward the restraint and sophistication of yesteryear”. Lawrence thoughtfully has observed that:
“Old license plates have so much character and attention to detail. Our old metal plates combined good design and functionality, and somewhere over the last 50 years, that good design part got lost. Today’s plates don’t have half the character the old ones do.”
This project merits to be included in the History of Graphic Design.

Georgia by Jonathan Lawrence

Oregon by Aaron Draplin

Washington by Jeremy Beasley

Hawaii by Jesus Cardenas

Delaware by Brian Paul Nelson

Indiana by Nate Utesch

Michigan by Justin Pervorse

Nebraska by Evan Huwa

Ohio by Tim Frame

Texas by Aaron Eiland

North Carolina by Adam Dixon

North Carolina by Adam Dixon

Vermont by Casey Martin

Vermont by Casey Martin

Iowa by Jacob Etter

Virginia by Zack Davenport

Alaska by Alana Lyons

Oklahoma by Brittany Robertson

Colorado by Scott Hill

Florida by Halftone Def

Connecticut by Jeremiah Britton

New Mexico by Jay Roberts

Arkansas by Zach Graham

Maryland by Luke Williams

Montana by Kyle PoffAdd caption

Rhode Island by Sam Wood

South Carolina by Jay Fletcher

Maine by Sean Ryan Cooley

Illinois by Mike McQuade

Wisconsin by Andy Luce

California by Ryan Putnam

Nevada by Ben Stafford

New Jersey by David Sizemore

South Dakota by Anthony Lane

North Dakota by Andrew Boice

West Virginia by Jordan Butcher

Minnesota by Allan Peters

Pennsylvania by Colin Miller

Massachusetts by Timo Meyer

Wyoming by Jessie Farris

Kentucky by Noah Jacobus

New York by John J. Custer

Mississippi by Tim Cook

Tennessee by Simon Sok

Idaho by Alex Rinker

Louisiana by Josh Miranda

Arizona by Travis Ladue

Utah by Andrew Colin Beck

Alabama by Bethany Heck

Kansas by Matt Chase

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